Celebrating your Child’s Arrival

Either of these services will offer an opportunity to celebrate the important moment of the arrival of a child.

If you would like more information about the content of these services, please ask to speak to Emma


This is a special service in which a child or an adult is welcomed into the family of the Church.

When an adult is baptised they celebrate their choice to follow in the ways of Jesus.

When a child is baptised their parents make a promise to raise their child in the Christian faith with the support of the Church family. Later in the life, the child, as a teenager or adult, can choose to make those promises their own, in a Confirmation Service. 

Baptism uses water as a symbol of God's blessing. Godparents make a promise to support the parents as they raise their child.

The child will receive a gift of a candle and a Bible or book.  There is no cost for this ceremony which takes place within the normal Sunday morning service.

Naming Ceremony

This service is ideal for those who do not feel comfortable making the baptism promises of faith, or who prefer to leave it for their child to decide if they would like to be baptised later in life.

The Blessing Ceremony also takes place within a Sunday morning service when we celebrate and give thanks to God for your child and ask his blessing upon them.

The child receives a blessing certificate and gift from the church.

In this service you can help to write some of the promises that you might like to make to your child.